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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kondo KHR-2 HV Robot

Now you can have soccer playing, dancing salsa fighter robot. The Kondo robot KHR-2 HV has improved its looks taking up a more Robocop-ish style. Its features are much more robust and curved then the square-like head the previous one had. And this pretty, very entertaining little robot can be yours for just $152. And there’s not one of us who didn’t want his or her own robot when growing up.
You can also buy him a couple of soccer strips to make the whole thing more real. They only cost $10 each. Now go on and buy yourself a little robotic friend.

Monday, December 24, 2007

u-blox GPS technology in Navigon Porsche Design PND

Navigon has just rolled out a brand new high performance personal navigation device (PND) that was developed in partnership with Porsche Design, and this PND will be using u-blox’ ANTARIS 4 SuperSense GPS technology. The PND in question is the Navigon P9611 that comes in a rather diminutive 125mm x 82mm x 19mm package, tipping the scales at a mere 250 grams. You will get a whole range of hardware and software features within, among them a pre-loaded SD memory card, a USB cable, a car cradle, a charging cable and high quality audio playback for those who can’t live without music no matter where they go. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity is readily available for hands-free communication support, targeting Bluetooth-enabled handsets for you to keep your eyes peeled on the road.

Kenwood unveils Smart Interface

Kenwood recently paraded its prototype pen-shaped navigation system at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007, with old folks and beginners being the target market in order to get them familiar with its controlling navigation device. All you need to do is point it at a place on the map with the designated pen and the corresponding region information will show up on the navigation monitor. The big question is this - what happens to those folks who have no idea on how to read maps at all?

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